Planetary Strife

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Location: CRF Topic 616
Founded by: User:sylae
Launched: May 13, 2009
Ended: December 22, 2009
Players Count: 4
Word Count: 32,058
Rules: Planetary Strife Rules

There was once a time, not so long ago, when humanity was united under one flag, and there was no war. The Human Confederation spanned all the known universe, and its people were content. Then all hope was shattered when the 263rd Assembly of the Planets was bombed. The news slowly drifted across the various planets, and was magnified by rumor. Thoria had cracked in half--no, intelligent aliens had attacked--no, it was the machines uprising...the rumors fragmented the states. Although government was quickly restored across the known universe, the ideas remained, and one by one, the planets rebelled.

- First paragraph of Planetary Strife: The people's account of present affairs in Humanity

Planetary Strife is a science-fiction RP based on the state of Humanity thousands of years into the future. Characters are:

  • Lorn Manolin - A former Derilict Navy captain recently pressed back into service.
  • Mitsuribi Takagami - A mercenary for the Chrjistain Empire.
  • Eyrina Haford - A mercenary captain and celebrity within the IceStar Alliance.
  • Captain Troy - A captain within an unnamed confederation.