Fanciful Tales and Wild Stories of the Refuge

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If you travel along the paths of the Interwebs, seldom shall you find an area free of the pollutants of the Noob. Nowadays, wherever you go, you will find the bleakness of the Noob. From the soaring towers of the Wikipedia Archives, to the dark hallways and glowing portals of Google, it will always be present. Except, there is one place. A place known as Calamity Refuge.
-Opening Text

Location: Calamity Refuge Forums
Founded by: User:sylae
Launched: August 8th, 2008
Ended: April 17th, 2014
Players Count: 11
Posts: 315
Word Count: 477,404
Rules: Basic RP Rule Set

This RP was started at Calamity Refuge Forums on August 8th, 2008 by w-dueck and can be found here.

Fanciful Tales and Wild Stories of the Refuge (FTaWSotR for short) is an RP based around Calamity Refuge and its members, personified as an actual location on the fictional Internet Plane. It follows the adventures of its members, the relationships between them, and the trials they each have to confront in their daily lives.

The setting of FTaWSotR is Refuge Isle, a small island upon which Calamity Refuge is built. It is currently the longest-running RP indexed here. The original premise was that the events within the RP had to reflect on actual happenings in the Refuge proper, though this has been mostly abandoned. Its cast currently includes:

  • w-dueck, the ArchAdmin of Calamity Refuge.
  • Vergil, a skilled assassin and Elemental.
  • Jewels, Vergil's half-sister and Calamity Refuge Admin.
  • Nioca, an Ermaria priest and Moderator.
  • Robsta, an orc warrior from whereabouts unknown.
  • Nalyd, a bio-mage and Shaper who mods the Geneforge forum.
  • Ackrovan, a warrior from unknown lands.
  • Azuma, a mage, and mod of the Spam forum.
  • Iffy, a mage, and mod of the General forum.
  • Pestilence, a bloodmage, and mod of the Avernum/Exile Trilogy forum.
  • Dantius, a Shaper who came from afar.

The RP has gone through four major plot arcs: the Time-Fracture Incident, The Flames of War Arc, New Blood, Bad Blood, Destruction of the VRP, and Rebirth and is, to date, the only RP to have been considered "completed".

Although 311,875 words by itself, when the Rebirth sequel is added to the consideration, FT become longer than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, at 477,404 to LotR's 455,125.


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