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The Refuge Wiki was originally established as a wiki for information related to Fanciful Tales and Wild Stories of the Refuge, as a Dokuwiki at CalRef Gen 3 (Free-Site-Host era). It was Jewels' idea to let other RPs be documented here as well; however, DokuWiki didn't mesh well with FSH, and the result was a quite messy glop of HTML, rendering the wiki nearly impossible to edit or read. In January of 2009, Sylae installed MediaWiki on the CalRef Gen 4 server. With outstanding help from the community, all content was tediously copied over by hand and reformatted over several days.

Since the port to MediaWiki, CalRef has been through an additional five servers and several URL changes. Everyone's highly encouraged and welcomed to write about anything they'd like, such as characters, items, settings, or even making a codified rulebook for a new RP or RPG campaign. The wiki is here to explore creative ideas and talk about cool things that might be awkward to work into exposition.

Have fun with it!