A Voice from the Storm

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A Voice from the Storm

Founded by: Emily
Launched: 10/12/2018
Ended: On-Going
Players Count: 8
Posts: 23
Word Count: 19,800

This is the first roleplaying thread started on the new Calamity Refuge forums. The original was started by Emily on December 10, 2018, and can be found here. Following the revival of the CalRef forums in January of 2021, the thread has been reset and revived, and can now be found here.

A Voice from the Storm, or AVftS, is set in a world with very little technological development. In more developed regions and cities, magic is common, and long-woven spells are capable of filling in most of the gaps left by the lack of technology. Ustendelle is a relatively undeveloped nation, even by world standards, and is mostly made up of farmland. Its capital, Coxarif, is the setting for the beginning of the roleplay.

The lands of AVFtS are still being revealed as they are written, and no map exists yet.

The current cast in order of appearance:

Aria - A cheerful girl from Coxarif.
Cass - A mercenary from a distant land.
Garhad - A young blacksmith desperate for a change.
Banner - A rebel without a cause.
Iris - A girl who wants to be a healer one day.
Herbert Wallace - A master of alchemy at The Inverted Spire.
Trevon - An ex-mercenary acting on the will of a kitten.
Verdegris - A mildly crazed magician.
Gem - A girl dragged out of the woods.

Characters from the previous version of the RP:

Síne - A schoolteacher in Ceadaichte Mòir.
Talamaeus Laeraxius - The great and powerful Emperor of a land within his mind.
Leeva - A forest sprite venturing from their home for the first time.
Osin - A half-elf farmer living in Ceadaichte Mòir.
Rizali Corvus - An elven mage seeking an Endless Empire.
Cathal - A human boy from the faraway land of Éire.
Kaegan Kieran - A student of magic and swordsmanship.
Ramår - A young girl who has explored past the edge of the map.