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By registering on the CalRef Network, you agree that:

You are at least fourteen years of age. No services or content on the Network is designed or intended for children under the age of fourteen and requests for membership by people below that age are denied outright. You must maintain the security of your user account and password. You are responsible for your account and its activities on this Network. It is up to you to decide what information you disclose about yourself, in case it is seen by every identity thief in the world immediately.

This site is a community. The views expressed herein belong to their participants and are not necessarily those of the management and staff of the CalRef Network. All information posted is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You may use or adapt any material that is found within the grounds for your own purposes so long as you attribute credit to the original creator and release your work with the same Creative Commons license.

Any information submitted to this site, including user information, comes under the stewardship of the CalRef Network. All information is securely maintained and encrypted. Information submitted to the site may be released when, and only when, a relevant law enforcement agency with the necessary legal authority and jurisdiction compels us to do so. User information is never sold or released to third parties and unknowable scripts, such as ads, are not permitted. Administration retains the rights to terminate member accounts just as members may terminate their accounts at their discretion.

Information submitted to the Refuge Wiki must pertain to a Refuge culture or creative works or one of its associations. Information that is off topic may be move or removed and user accounts that have made these submissions may be removed as non-compliant or marked as spam. Advertisements, links to foreign agencies, defamatory or harassing material, or vandalism towards any page or article contained herein will result in a swift removal of your account from this plane and into the stratosphere.