Under the Silent Skies

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Location: crf:1064
Founded by: User:Nalyd
Launched: Apr 17 2011
Ended: Apr 25, 2012
Players Count: 4
Word Count: 26,150
Rules: Standard RP Rule Set
In the darkness, there hangs a jewel. Pinned to velvet oblivion that stretches beyond imagining is a turning, spinning light, a glittering treasure that shines in uncaring defiance of the unending black. A dot of vibrant color, a beacon shining bravely into the emptiness, like the last lighthouse left alive. [...] Now, though, new powers and practices are being born. Will they bring about something new at last? Or will Thryn be plunged from the fledgling light back into the void of its birth?

—From Under the Silent Skies

UtSS is a roleplay based in the fictional world of Thryn. Set during a time of revolution and change, UtSS is notable in that players take control of both a player character and a nation.



A complete list can be found at NPCs in UtSS.


  • Humans: Your average humans.
  • Elves: Humanoids that act as Thryn's workforce.


"Map of Thryn (Mainland)"
A political map of Thryn. Notably, Gildea is currently absent from this iteration, and Vyanat is too far to the south to be seen.
  • Vyanat (Sylae): A monarchy based on Vyanat Isle. Currently ruled by Queen Telarin d'Jor.
  • Vyirint (Nalyd): A mainland kingdom in the midst of revolution.
  • Zanara (Iffy): A large kingdom with a cutting-edge weapons program. Currently waging war with Ionar.
  • Ionar (Nioca): A failing kingdom torn asunder by political bickering, currently under attack by Zanara.
  • Gildea (Azuma): A nation conscripting to assist Ionar in the Ionar-Zanara Conflict.

Major Factions

  • Vyirint Revolution (Vyirint): A major rebellion lead by Astor the sorcerer. Has recently overthrown the King of Vyirint.
  • Myrae Orthodoxy (Ionar): The main religious element of Ionar, rumored to be the actual power behind Ionar rulership.
  • Anarchs (Ionar): A rebel faction, dedicated to overthrowing Ionar leadership.
  • Blackhands (Gildea): A hunter faction in Gildea.

Notable Towns and Places

  • Vyanat City: Vyanat's capital.
  • Zanara City: Zanara's capital.
  • Ionara: Ionar's capital, and home to both the Grand Court of Ionar and Blackguard Weapons company.
  • Tuarm: A major city in Ionar, dedicated to mining and manufacturing.
  • Vyanat Front: An impressively battle-scarred area where the majority of fighting between Vyanat and Vyirint is taking place.
  • Glitterdust Mountains: A mountain renowned for the large quantities of quartz dust in it. Home to many mines.


  • Sorcery: Powerful magic that enables the user to warp reality to their will, for a price.
  • Artifice: Material magic done through runework and beholden to the laws of physics.


  • Airships: Zepplins, ranging from small interceptors to bulky bombers.
  • Weapons: Notable or unique weaponry.
  • Attire: Descriptions of uniforms, along with pieces of notable armor or clothing.
  • Items: Notable items or pieces of technology that don't fit any other category.