Rebirth (Story)

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So much hype goes into first kisses. So much undeserved hype. It had been the second kiss that had sent Sylae thrilling.
-Opening Post

Location: Calamity Refuge Forums
Founded by: User:Jewels
Launched: June 6th, 2011
Ended: March 10th, 2014
Players Count: 1
Posts: 66
Rules: Jewels' Set

Rebirth is the continuation/sequel of FTaWSotR started at Calamity Refuge Forums on June 6th, 2011 and written entirely by Jewels. It can be found here.

Rebirth (RB for short) is an RP based around Calamity Refuge and its members, personified as an actual location on the fictional Internet Plane. It follows the adventures of its members, the relationships between them, and the trials they each have to confront in their daily lives.

The setting of RB is the new Refuge Isle, a medium-sized island on the Internet Plane upon which Calamity Refuge is built. This arc focuses mainly on fleshing out the stories started in FTaWSotR and bringing them all to a satisfactory close. Opportunities are left open for future stories, but none are planned. Though all player characters are written for by Jewels, the main cast includes:

  • Sylae Corell, the ArchAdmin of Calamity Refuge who has w-dueck's soul.
  • Jewels, a half fire, half dryad Elemental and Fire Lord of the Fire Plane.
  • Nioca, a former Ermaria priest turned into a living Bot.
  • Nalyd, a bio-mage and Shaper who mods the Geneforge forum.
  • Vergil, a skilled assassin/military general and half fire, half ice Elemental.
  • Azuma, a sentient computer virus, and mod of the Spam forum.
  • Iffy/Zene, a mage, and Calamity Refuge Admin.

Important NPC's that are written for in 'point-of-view' include:

  • Nio, a cloned creation of Nioca, made by Jewels.
  • Ligrev, a programmed barkeep for the Refuge Lounge.
  • Nix, antagonist kin to Iffy.
  • Stillborn/Dunstan, genetic son of Jewels and NPC King Darius, shaped and claimed as creation by Nalyd.
  • Nana, Jewels' sentient tree.
  • Jasmine, a dryad, friend of Jewels and chosen leader for the remnant of their people.
  • Saph, Iffy's soul bonded partner.
  • qUe and Reth, iffy's kin and bonded partners to each other.
  • Syla, an Ermarian priestess and self appointed leader of the remnant of their people.

This RP is the continuation of FTaWSotR's fifth plot arc: Rebirth.


For a full list of articles pertaining to Rebirth, see Category:FTaWSotR and Category:Rebirth Posts.

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