From the Ashes

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Location: crf:1318
Founded by: User:Zoe
Launched: Dec 26, 2013
Players Count: 5
Word Count: 78,847
Rules: Standard
To the ashes the previous civilization went, but from the ashes new life comes.

From the Ashes

This RP was started at Calamity Refuge on December 26th, 2013 by Iffy and can be found here.

From the Ashes, or "FtA". The time period is set in a time several centuries after the fall of an industrial empire where the prominent feudal societies still struggle to maintain their power or even existence. Governments in the world are typically scattered and unstable, falling to coups and reducing the progress of technology greatly.

The lands of FtA are still being revealed as they are written, and a map is not available at this point.

The current cast includes the following in the order that they appeared:


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