The Trees of Timberwood

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The Trees of Timberwood

Founded by: Emily
Launched: 14/11/2022
Ended: On-Going
Players Count: 11
Posts: 0
Word Count: 3903

The Trees of Timberwood, or TTT, is a roleplaying thread started on the Calamity Refuge forums by Emily on November 14, 2022, and can be found here. Of all the roleplaying threads started on the newer CalRef forums, TTT had the fastest and most enthused start, reaching 11 posts by 11 players in the first two days.

The Trees of Timberwood is set in a world with an unknown (or unknowable) technology level. The town of Summit, where the story begins, has a library, at least one school, and a cafe. Magic is present in the universe, and a process known as Technomancy is regularly referenced in the town's culture. Summit exists in the land of Glimmerwharf, of which little is known.

The lands of TTT are still being revealed as they are written, and no map exists yet.

The current cast in order of appearance:

Lynue - A librarian incapable of maths.
Aster - A student more interested in books than their studies.
Hanne - A magically-inclined barista.
Daffyd - A bibliophile with notably less success in partners than books.
Kethis - Along with Sal'ren, Glimmerwharf's very own Pawn Stars.
Ericales - Fortune's progeny, set out to find his own value.
Sinclair - An aspiring Atomaton engineer looking at the impossible.
Nia - A #WomanInSTEM working on a new creation.
Emma - A woman enjoying the morning.
Iris - An intrepid collector taking a book to the library.
Xerxes - Discovering gravity and enjoying bookmarks.
Matiyak and Alanganin - A Councillor and his secretary making Summit a better place.