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Controlled by: whateremily
Species: Human(?)
Born: 12th December 1996
(25 years)
Nationality: Lengzhou

Items and Abilities
Skills / Trades: Objects have a tendency to fall onto her, possibly useful ones. Good at parkour and cooking.
Items: Bookmark, ordinary sunglasses

Xerxes is a mysterious explorer. Not much is known about her, including her last name, and she never sticks around to make any new friends as she jumps from one scheme to another.

Xerxes was born on the 12th of December, 1996. Her country of origin is Lengzhou, where she was raised. Xerxes travels from country to country looking for artefacts, mostly related to her obsession with amphibians. Most recently, she was spotted in Alexandria on her hunt for the much sought-after 'The History of Amphibians', considered the Holy Grail of all knowledge relating to amphibians. A persistent legend is that the book is code for the coordinates of the hidden riches of King Xerxes II, the ancient 'Toad King' of Lengzhou known for his slimy and Machiavellian manner.

During her travels to Alexandria, Xerxes came across a bookmark which she pocketed. It led to her falling down a deep well in an attempt to retrieve it. She has not been seen since.