Iris (TTT)

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Controlled by: Marianne
(17 years)
Nationality: Glimmerwarth

Items and Abilities
Skills / Trades: Collecting, reading, socializing
Magical Abilities: Restricted technomancy

Iris is a 17-year-old collector from Summit. Despite being overly sensitive and reactive, she is headstrong and knows what she wants. She's described as sociable, talkative, and excitable, yet often worries about seeming unapproachable. In addition, she has a more minor interest in fashion. She was raised in a family of exceptional technomages, however she falls short when it comes to technomancy, a topic that depresses her whenever it's mentioned. Her family has given up on teaching her and oft pressures her to be more realistic with her goals in the future, as mindless collecting will not help her in life. She has an older sister named Mina who is 22, and believes that Iris is too hopeful for her own good. Mina is a talented technomage, much to Iris' dismay and jealousy, though she would never say anything about it to Mina's face.