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Part of a series of archived articles in Refugia
How Does World Assembly
Author: Emily
Date Created: 16/1/2021

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The World Assembly (WA) is the international political centre of NationStates. Membership in the World Assembly allows a nation to participate in areas of NationStates they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, such as raiding/defending gameplay and voting on General Assembly and Security Council resolutions. Multiple regions in the game also give special benefits to WA-enrolled nations that remain in their region and/or endorse their delegate. A delegate is someone who amplifies the region's position with a stronger vote, gained by earning the endorsements of WA nations within the region. As each player is only allowed to keep one nation enrolled in the World Assembly at a time, it is generally considered a reasonable assessment of the number of individual human people playing NationStates.

A player's "main" nation is usually considered to be where they keep their WA membership when not actively participating in other activities.


The World Assembly as an organisation is broken into two distinct branches, the General Assembly (GA) and the Security Council (SC).

Click the "Apply to Join" button to enroll.

The General Assembly is the equivalent of the real life United Nations General Assembly, and oversees proposals that will affect international relations and overall regulations for member nations. The GA is considered to be an in-character body, and as such regional stats can be affected by the passage or repeal of resolutions.

The Security Council is the equivalent of the real life United Nations Security Council, and votes mostly on gameplay matters including commending or condemning nations or regions and liberating regions. As this is a more out-of-character body, it is mostly concerned with achievement recognition and actions taken within the game.

Any member nation with two endorsements or more can submit proposals to either branch, and World Assembly delegates from each region can vote to approve those proposals. If 6% of delegates approve of a proposal, it will achieve quorum and be presented for a vote. Any nation enrolled in the World Assembly can vote on proposals. If the proposal passes, it is enacted immediately; any necessary stat adjustments or badges will be applied to the nations or regions in question.

Signing up for the World Assembly is a simple process. Go to the World Assembly page on NationStates and click the "Apply to Join" button featured in the screenshot to the right. A confirmation email will be sent to the email you registered with the account. Once you've confirmed it, you're in!

The Delegate

The World Assembly Delegate is a regional office which is automatically elected and held by the nation which has received the greatest number of endorsements in the region. If there is no other nation in the region with an endorsement, a region may have its own delegate with as little as one endorsement given. Delegates command an outsized role in World Assembly Affairs as they are able to cast a vote with a power equal to the number of endorsements they hold, plus one. These votes are typically used as the voice of their region at large, and represent that region's interests. A resolution votes passage or failure, therefore, depends substantially on how these delegates cast such a powerful vote.

For the majority of large regions, the vote of the delegate is typically determined by the opinions of their respective region's World Assembly members. In The North Pacific, the delegate's vote is set to whatever the majority of forum responses vote for in that region's local debate thread. In The East Pacific, the vote is determined by the votes of registered World Assembly Affairs staff members. In Refugia's case, the delegate vote is typically derived after assessing the regional opinion in an debate about the issue, carried out on the regional message board.

The nation a region selects to become the delegate may vary. Some regions have policies in place which provide for the regular election of World Assembly delegates. After such an election, there will be a focused effort to encourage WA members in the region to switch their endorsements to whomever won the previous election. As some endorsements will be lost in this process or not carried over in a timely manner, other regions may choose to have longer or undefined delegate terms in order to strengthen the regional vote.

Delegates as Leaders

Typically, the control over a region is left to the executive founder of a region. However, in the case where the founder has ceased to exist or has left the region, the World Assembly delegate will become the executive power in that region by circumstance. For game created regions, there has never been a founder. Leadership, therefore, is always determined by the World Assembly delegates.


Click this button to endorse your region-mates.

Endorsing other nations is the easiest way to interact with the World Assembly within a region. It's also one of the most beneficial to a region overall. Every nation in a region gains two influence per day, with two more added on for every endorsement they've received. Influence is unique to each region, and accumulates over time. While a regional founder can eject and/or ban any nation from the region for free, any other regional officer with ban permissions must spend their regional influence to do so. By having nations with a lot of endorsements and influence, we are protected from a potential rogue regional officer or infiltration attempt.

Once you're registered for the World Assembly, you'll likely notice notifications stating that other people in the region are endorsing you. You can (and should!) endorse them back. At the bottom of their nation page (which you can find by clicking on their name), you'll notice the button shown in the picture to the right. Once you click it, you're done! You're able to endorse as many nations as you want, and we encourage that you endorse all of them you can find.

If you're interested in going the extra mile and endorsing all of the eligible nations, there are two ways you can do so. The first is waiting for the next regional endotarting (a term which means everyone endorsing everyone else) challenge, where all WA nations will be listed. The second is seeking it out on this page. Every nation with a World Assembly symbol next to their name is a WA member and can be endorsed.

Refugia Member States

Because having nations with World Assembly membership brings so many benefits to a region, several regions provide benefits and incentives to those players who are willing to join up with that region and move in that nation. Refugia is no different in this regard. By enrolling in the World Assembly and residing in the region for seven days, a nation can become a Member State. While any nation with residency in Refugia is welcome and a total part of the community, Member States are the voting citizens, the Refugi.

The most obvious benefit Member States get is the ability to vote on regional referenda and elections that are held at Vote.CalRef. On the Discord server, this benefit also affords them the ability to chat about regional legislative and development matters in the Admin Tower's Ground Floor, including developing and submitting their own amendment ideas. They are also able to be counted for endotarting and delegate-endorsing challenges held by the Councillor of Culture, where they can win cards or other prizes. These are often held over the course of one or two weeks.

Perhaps the most fun part of being a Member State is the ability to apply for a spot on the regional map, which has been slowly filled out since its original introduction on November 25, 2019.

Originally posted by: Emily
Major contributions by: Luca and Natalie